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In a Red Truck Marriage Mastermind Group, we coach, inspire, equip, and provide community for couples who want a marriage full of Love, Grace, Compassion, and Partnership. Perhaps you are one of the many couples who began your relationship in what we call the “High Octane” or Honeymoon Stage, but now life has you wondering “where did all that love and connection go?” You have tried reading books, setting new goals, praying, or even hiring a marriage counselor in an attempt to experience God’s Best in marriage, but you sense something is still missing! Or perhaps you want to make a good marriage better or keep a great one even greater! If this sounds like part of your marriage story, welcome to the Red Truck Marriage Mastermind!

Special Offer for Founding Members!

If you are reading this, we are accepting a small number of applications for the Founding Members Group of the New Red Truck Marriage Mastermind! This is a special offer with lifetime benefits for a limited number of couples to join us as we begin this new opportunity. Please click here to learn more about becoming a Founding Member

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Our Mastermind Groups are set up in 9-month cycles. Participation in the group is a paid experience with a 6-month minimum commitment. During those 9 months, couples will gather online weekly to engage with other couples for the purpose of their own personal, spiritual, and relational growth as well as for the growth of others. During the weekly virtual gatherings, David & Stuart or another couple from the Red Truck Marriage Team will provide relevant coaching and guidance as member couples share and discuss their own personal growth experiences. Membership in a Red Truck Marriage Mastermind Group requires an application and an interview. For more specific details about the Red Truck Marriage Mastermind and to apply online, read about the details below.

The Expectations and The Details 

  • The Red Truck Marriage Mastermind experience is a 9-month membership for $497 per month with a 6-month initial commitment to allow it to make a real difference in your marriage. Limited Time Offer:

    Join as a Founding Member for the special price of $397 per month! See details above!

  • Couples will be authentic, engaging, non-judgmental, giving, open to ideas, hungry for growth, participating in celebrating the "wins" of others, and having no need to be seen as having it all together.

  • Couples will make every effort to show up consistently for the weekly gatherings.

  • Couples will value the importance of confidentiality within the group.

  • Joining requires an application and an interview with David & Stuart. Once you and your spouse submit your application, we will contact you regarding the interview. We're looking forward to talking with you! 


Membership Includes:

Weekly Virtual Gatherings

Gather online weekly with David & Stuart or a team leader and 6-7 other couples. Each weekly gathering begins with marriage coaching and the "Couple's Update." The gathering lasts for about 1 1/2 hours to allow time for each couple to share.


Private Facebook Group Membership

The community interaction continues in a private Facebook group where you can connect with other couples in the mastermind. This will be an additional platform for asking questions, sharing experiences, or hearing from David and Stuart or other members of the Red Truck Marriage team. 


The Intimate Marriage Academy Live Event 

You and your spouse will receive an exclusive pass to attend our Intimate Marriage Academy live event for free, including lodging. This is a weekend gathering for all Mastermind Couples and others from the Red Truck Marriage community.  


Please complete one application together with your spouse. After we receive your application, we will contact you for an interview. We're looking forward to talking with you both!

Our Promise

  • We promise to provide a community of other spiritually like-minded people who desire a marriage that is pleasing to God.
  • We promise to give couples an opportunity to learn tools and principles for having an intimate marriage and to give and receive wisdom, support, and accountability from and to other mastermind members.
  • We promise to provide a space for couples to share their real-time stories of difficulties, successes, and hopes in a safe and transparent way.
  • We promise to help couples replace habits of blame with taking personal responsibility for their contributions of success and struggle in marriage.
  • We promise to help couples make seeking God and using proven tools a habit for problem-solving together when conflict arises.
  • We promise to help couples value Grace and Forgiveness above justice and vengeance.
  • We promise to provide a platform to give and receive prayer for God’s Best in marriage.


I founded the Red Truck Marriage to help couples learn ways to live God's Best by delivering the good stuff to their marriages. Although my official title is that of a Licensed Counselor and Professional Speaker for over 35 years, I'm really a relationship coach at heart. My wife, Stuart, an author and consultant, joined me full-time after 30 years as an educator. Through our podcast, our Intimate Marriage Academy live events, and our private coaching, we spend time helping couples create marriages that make them excited to wake up in the morning! The Red Truck Marriage reach includes couples living in six continents. We consider it a great privilege to walk alongside those who consider marriage the "sacred" relationship it is. It's not good to walk the journey alone!